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Why is Pagoda needed? Pagoda or Stupa is an architectural structure that is the symbol of Awakening from the sleep of ignorance. It symbolizes the pure state of mind that has realised the essence of things as well as cessation of negative emotions and suffering.

Stupa radiates a very powerful flow of positive energy due to relics and artefacts that are stored in it. This energy extends not only to those who are near Stupa, but also to all surrounding areas. Depending on the power of Stupa’s sacred relics, its beneficial effect can extend over long distances – up to many hundreds of kilometres. In addition, it reduces the risk of environmental and climatic cataclysms, such as floods, drought, etc. Latvian Stupa of Enlightenment enshrines over 2500 rare relics and a library of over 1,000 books and manuscripts, some of which are originals and exist in one copy only.